Our top 10 tips to get your body and mind in shape.

1. Drink 500-800ml of water before you do anything in the morning. It will flush your body and hydrate you after the nights sleep.

2. Meditate or simply sitting still and quiet and being aware of your body for just 5 minutes a day. If your mind is calm, you can conquer anything. Be consistent - everyone can meditate, no matter how busy you are.

3. Eat more fibre (not the stuff in plastic jars). Eat more salads, greens and fresh fruit. Not only does fibre help you feel fuller, it also feeds our gut biome so they do not crave junky foods that are so detrimental to our health. Studies have shown that our good gut biome loves fibre rich foods.

4. Limit red meat intake. Red meat has been listed as a known carcinogen by the World Health Organisation. Increase your plant based protein intake, including lentils, beans, nuts and seeds.

5. Exercise daily - even if its short - just do it. A walk, jog to the shops or star jumps - get that body moving. It not only clears your mind but speeds up your metabolism.

6. Try and take a yoga class weekly. Not only will it help clear your mind, it improves breathing circulation and massages your organs - and it feels great.

7. Sleep earlier. Our body needs sleep and you can never have too much. If we sleep earlier, it allows our bodies' natural production of hormones which help balance our metabolism, mood and weight. Stay off the digital devices 1hr before bedtime.

8. Reduce stimulants - coffee and high caffeine drinks. Caffeine is not only toxic to our body (it inhibits the flight or fight response) it also damages and tires your adrenal glands, which can affect our mood, energy levels and metabolism. So when it really is time to fight or flight, its like a car with a flat battery!

9. Write down 3 things that you a grateful of every single day. You will realise that those material things do not really make us happy, you feel happier for longer and the long term happiness of just "being".

10. Try and volunteer some time at an organisation that needs your help, be it an animal refuge, a welfare centre, or an aged care facility. Giving of yourself is a great way of "paying it forward".